Indian take-away installation

Custom fabrication and installation of stainless steel counters, walls, and fittings for Indian take-away shop.

Storefront planter for Boundary Mills

Large stainless steel planters fabricated for Boundary Mills new flagship store located in Colne, Lancashire.

mobile platform

Powder coated steel mobile platforms fabricated for Go Plant refuse vehicles.

platform 2

Mobile platforms fabricated for Go Plant

bread conveyor

Stainless steel bread conveyor fabricated for Oddies Bakery.

Peri Peri takeaway shop counter

Custom stainless steel counter fabricated and installed for Peri Peri takeaway shop.

fliptop machine guard and housing

Custom fabrication of stainless steel fliptop machine guard and machine housing.

fuel arm bracket

Stainless steel fuel arm bracket fabricated for Virgin Trains.

hygienic bin washer and housing

Custom fabrication and installation of hygienic bin washer and housing made of stainless steel.

indestructable basketball ring

Fabrication of a stainless steel indestructable basketball ring.

garden toolbox powder coated

Powder coated stainless steel garden toolbox with lock.

cemetry bins

Large stainless steel cemetry bins.

oversized powder coated planters

Custom fabricated oversized planters made of powder coated stainless steel.

Axess exhibition stand installation

Custom stainless steel fabrication and installation of an exhibition stand by Butler Sheetmetal for Axess 2 lifts, located in Clitheroe.

bag dispenser for supermarket

Bag dispenser prototype that was then fabricated for plastic bag delivery systems for a French supermarket chain.

takeaway shop steel counter

Custom fabrication and installation of a stainless steel counter for Asian takeaway shop.

press guard

Stainless steel fabricated press guard.

roof terrace planters

Stainless steel powder coated roof terrace planters fabricated and installed for Burnley College.

rotating advertisement hoarding

Custom fabricatioin of a stainless steel rotating advertisement hoarding.

rust effect steel planters

Stainless steel planters given a rusted, weathered look.

stair rail

Custom fabrication and installation of stainless steel stair rails with glass.

fire guard

Custom design of home fire guard.

steel counter custom

Stainless steel counter, custom design and install.

Wycoller panopticon

Butler Sheetmetal was asked to repair the Wycoller panopticon.

kitchen hob and plinth

Stainless steel kitchen hob and plinth, custom fabrication and installation

steel globe for Marriot

Custom stainless steel globe fabricated for Marriot.

planter modules

Stainless steel planter modules

stainless steel planters

A collection of stainless steel planters fabricated by Butler Sheetmetal.

shallow steel planters

Stainless steel shallow planters.

table top stainless steel

Custom fabrication of stainless steel table top.

tubular roof rack

Custom fabrication of tubular steel roof rack.

water feature fountains

Custom water feature fountains for indoor and outdoor use designed by Butler Sheetmetal.

fire features

Fire Features made of stainless steel and rusted steel for the home or garden.

steel cylinder

Construction of steel cylinder

heat resistant stillages

Stainless steel heat resistant stillages.

lasered signs

Stainless steel lasered signs in brushed steel and powder coated steel for store fronts.

tubular tyre holders

Stainless steel tubular tyre holders.

water trough

Custom stainless steel water trough fabricated for a local Nursery.

school workbenches

Workbenches fabricated for a new super school.

zintec herb garden planters

Zintec herb garden planters.

planters portfolio