Now before you ask, no we didn’t have anything to do with the above aluminium casting, cladding or installation for Bangkok’s Hard Rock Cafe stage.

That isn’t to say we haven’t done our fair share of cafe work. Stainless steel takeaway counters to be precise. But, you’ll have more luck finding the fellas being sworn at in Eric’s Cafe down by the tall buildings than you will any of the swanky Hard Rock variety.

Besides, Jasper in Thailand doesn’t bear thinking about. He’s bad enough ordering a Chinese in Blackpool.

Anyway, here’s an explanation of the installation from the designer’s site:

Hardrock cafe, Bangkok has opened since 10s years ago, we have so much bond with this place (even I can’t getting in) and its tricycle bike hanging on the 2nd level of this building. Time has passed, chance has come, this time we have got a challenge for making something awesome and interesting from our lovely technic, casting -from Thais’ ancient one (which originally use bronze)- and yes after designs passed, this one, the cheapest for production one is chosen and the project is conceived from the monitor through 5-axis CNC drilling machine to this sculpture and replicated them for 50-60 pieces.
Hardrock, stage installation from Anon Pairot Design Studio, this time come with extraordinary material, 100% Aluminum casting in exotic form with its freaking form make it rotate, flip and place in many pattern smoothly with our recognizing. It’s shiny quirky and beautiful with those characteristic might make people believe that it is not from the same mould. And this precious aluminum will show its gorgeous until it last.

Brilliant. And do check out the pics:

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