Don’t be thinking you’re stupid if you thought Liquidmetal was, in fact, a liquid metal. Far from it. It’s actually an amorphous, non-crystalline alloy that is over two and a half times stronger than titanium and one and a half times stronger than stainless steel.

You can see how it rolls (or, to be more precise, bounces) in this little video:

And it’s that bouncy little bugger Apple have forked out approximately $10.9 million for the worldwide intellectual property rights. I’m assuming for a springier iPhone when dropped.

But they’re obviously wanting to keep product development in-house at Santa Clara Valley, California with the following job listings: Sr. Mfg Process Dev Engineer (Casings), Mechanical Process Development Engineer and Mechanical Process Development Manager.

According to Macworld:

The jobs call for: “Developing amorphous alloy composition, molding and forming processes, and secondary operations (e.g. machining, grinding, finishing) as applicable to Apple requirements,” working working closely with Apple’s Industrial Design, Product Design and Global Supply Managers.

The three jobs requires 3+, 7+ and 10+ years experience in a manufacturing environment of consumer electronics or consumer plastic / sheet metal products.

Don’t worry, if you’re a bit more of a PC / general tinbashing type, you can ignore all that guff above and steer yourself over to our general sheet metal jobs page to see if there’s anything more suitable.