Do you remember Ask The Family?

I mean the 70’s version with Robert Robertson sporting a Donald Trumpian comb-over/weave but without the necessary product.

Robert Robertson - the old host of Ask the Family
Robert Robertson

Do you remember the picture round where an ordinary everyday object would be photographed in extremely tight close-up and they’d zoom out until somebody realised it was a potato peeler?

Well it seems my own family at Butler Sheetmetal are playing the same game with me regarding this particular photo:


On first inspection I thought it might have been a cladding for a nuclear reactor that had got stuck as they were trying to carry it out of the workshop. I was thinking the red thing was our sliding front door and that the photo had been taken after somebody had fallen flat on their arse. And then I wondered if the red thing was the floor and the grey thing was a new front door. The only problem with that being that there was never a lip leading out of the workshop before and there’s no red paint on the floor since I originally painted it and it was back to the original concrete within two weeks.

My only educated guess is that it’s another workshop or factory somewhere.

The more I look at it the less of a clue I have as to what or where it is to the point whereby I’ve now reached that state of clueless singularity: a point of infinite density.

So, the person who comes closest to what it is wins something nifty.

Fingers on shonky buzzers people.