We got these pictures sent ot us of a pair of elongated bespoke stainless steel planters we fabricated for the Sheraton Hotel down at Heathrow Airport.

Sheraton Hotel Stainless Steel Planters
Here they are at either side of the foyer as you walk in.

Stainless Steel Bespoke Design
Here’s one of them from the front.

Long Hotel Stainless Steel Planter
Here’s one from an angle. (Although I’m sure you can see that for yourselves.)

Foyer Planters
And here’s one from the other side.

I hope these pictures give you some idea of the scale of the things as I don’t know the actual sizes.

Considering stainless steel photographs so appallingly as it tends to show up every single mark and fingerprint, I don’t think the chap who did these has done that bad a job.

You can view more bespoke stainless steel planters at Tinpot Alley.