Well it’s 2005 and I’m safely Stateside babysitting a 67 lb rottweiler/alsation cross breed puppy who has the ability to demolish one of those rubber pooch toys as soon as look at it. I thought blogging with rats was a touch tricky, but at least they weren’t constantly bounding up to me wanting to play ‘pull the chew’. Although, if they had, that would’ve been worth blogging about.

I’m over in Elyria for about a month looking for sheet metal firms who can fabricate our planters, find a house and obviously have the pleasure of Cujo’s company. He’s a bit like the canine equivalent of Kato, Inspector Clouseau’s manservant – always ready to attack when you’re least expecting it. Anyway, that’s enough about the damn dog – more about the damn blog.

I think a month is long enough to see just how everything will work between Elyria and Colne. As it stands, all enquiries still come directly to me and are passed on to both John and Matt back in the UK. The major upshot in all of this is that we can shortly start to deal with our American enquiries more effectively. It isn’t going to cost a prohibitive amount to ship anything over once we find some suitable fabricators round Cleveland way.

Essentially there’s very little difference to the way everything worked before and now apart from the fact that I now have a lovely reclining leather vibrating massage chair to blog from and the heating is actually turned on.

There’s every chance I could become the most prolific blog poster on the planet.

Move over Jeff Jarvis.