Are you interested in building yourself a small DIY press brake for use around the home?

Home Made Press Brake

I’m quite sure some of you are.

Anyway, here are some plans from 1958 in the form of a pdf which shows you how to go about it.

And here are the specs of the thing as specified on the Vintage Projects website:

This press brake is small-shop size, makes those clean, sharp bends in sheet metal that will delight the eye of a DIY-er or craftsman who has had to improvise methods of bending.

It takes light sheet metals up to 17 in. wide. The hold-down blade moves at an angle of 45 deg. to the bed and adjusts automatically to the thickness of the materials to be bent. The blade is slotted to provide the clearances necessary to permit raising, in successive steps, ½-in. flanges on the four sides of the work, as in forming a box or tray, radio chassis, motor base, or similar work.

A retractable stop at the 90-deg. position permits the operator to make repetitive right-angle bends. The throat opens to 5/16 in. to admit flanged parts. All main parts except the table, or base, are made from cold-rolled stock.

Do you have any other resources or links for DIY folks wanting to make their own press brakes?

Just tell us in the comments if you do – thanks.