I should’ve been waking up round about now to haul myself over to a local N.E. Ohio NPR station to establish a transatlantic link with an esteemed panel on Radio 4’s Shop Talk. Unfortunately, the BBC producer couldn’t find an engineer willing to twiddle his knobs at 4.00 am for some half-baked sheet metal blogger.

I can’t believe I’m not worth time and a half.

But, I’ve still hauled my backside out of bed due to somebody not turning the TV off and my slumber being punctured by Heart Unplugged on PBS.

I’m just glad it wasn’t one of those instances where environmental surroundings permeate your sleep for a while and you find yourself dreaming about changing one of Heart’s broken g-strings.

Before I leave you with any further mental scars, I suggest we all tune in to see what Ms. Cronin-Lukas, Heather over at The Soap Blog and James Cherkoff (to name but three – there’s more) have to say.

It’s a half hour programme on between 16.00 and 16.30.

If you do listen and it happens to peak your interest, you can always sign up for the Our Social World conference about blogging your business in Cambridge on September 9th.

I’m back off to bed seeming Heart have finished caterwauling.

UPDATE: It’ll be aired next Tuesday.