Not a million and one moons ago I went over to Todmorden to take a few pictures of the stainless steel planters we manufactured and installed for the town’s civic planting society (y’know – those groups who put flowers everywhere to make a place look nice), Todmorden in Bloom.
Stainless Large Planters
We originally did six 1mtr cubed stainless steel planters to go along the side of the canal and to compliment a fishy wall sculpture thingy.
Six Large Stainless Steel Planters
Anyway, a couple of weeks after taking the above pics we received a phone call from somebody who’d just run a skip into one of the planters and needed a fresh one fabricating.
Smashed stainless steel planters
(I told John not to use a cheap carrier!)

Anyway, the fella in question arrived the other Wednesday with the deformed planter strapped to the back of his van and, as he pulled up outside Butler Sheetmetal HQ, was greeted by at least three of us um-ing and ah-ing and scratching ourselves quizzically behind the ears.

As he started to undo the straps to get the planter off we all lent against his van and started to witter on to each other how easy it’d be to hammer the damage out. The bloke’s face lit up with gleeful relief as he asked “Really?” thinking that it’d save him from having to pay for a new one.

The poor bugger soon realised that we’d suckered him in a touch as John explained that it was goosed and a new one was the order of the day.