“If you’ve ever wondered how you get triangles from a cow you need buttermilk & cheese & an equilateral chainsaw”-99% Of Gargoyles Look Like BobTodd – Half Man Half Biscuit

And if you’ve ever wondered how you make swiss cheese out of welded aluminium/aluminum, you’d better have a word with Bruce Gray.
Aluminium Cheese Sculpture

“The Big Cheese #4″ Standing Sculpture (25x29x43) is constructed in welded aluminum. This version includes many intersecting bubbles of various diameters. This is one of the sculptures in Bruce’s series of oversized objects inspired by Claes Oldenburg. It is currently available at $15,000. The “Big Cheese” can be commissioned in any size, and also in steel, stainless steel, or with various patinas.

Tell me you don’t love this.