Have you done a news search recently for ‘sheet metal’?

No, of course you bloody haven’t. But, if you have, did you happen to notice all the news archive stuff harking back to a time when sheet metal meant serious manufacturing and not merely a cottage industry hobby old tinbashers kept up with in their garage or basement workshops?

Then again, if I’m being more precise, harking back to a time when sheet metal unions seemed to be in perpetual conflict with anybody and everybody. Richard Nixon’s name pops up once or twice.

But the most arresting headline from 1931 reads:


And the thing is it barely gets five single column paragraphs.

But, if Google’s searchable sheet metal news archive for the last century strikes you as slightly odd, then what about Google Workshops?

Google Workshops

Wood, metal, welding and electronics shops are probably not what come to mind when you think about Google but in fact, we often have to build physical products to help us collect and organize information that’s found outside of the web. We do this at the Google Workshops, a hands-on facility equipped with everything from an oscilloscope to a miter saw and even a plasma cutter. Day and night—and even on weekends—the workshops are alive with Googlers working on personal projects—such as home furniture or model airplanes—as well as work-related ones like green business prototypes or components of our self-driving cars.

It’s one thing Tinbashers taking 20% of their allotted time to try out being a Googler, but who’d have thought Googlers would spend their 20% being a Tinbasher?

It feels almost like a circle of life moment. ;)