I’ve just had a phone call from some chap asking me if I’d like to be #1 on Google within the hour.

I let him babble a bit until he asked me whether it was something I’d consider paying for. I knew the end was nigh and that I could piss on his chips by mentioning to him that we rank #1 for stainless steel planters and that the SERPS have improved significantly this past month across the board. (You can view a screenshot of them here)

I then went onto mention blogging and that he really ought to give it a whirl.

The poor bugger started to splutter as he realised he might have just bitten a bit more off than he could chew and didn’t even have a straw leg to stand on.

I don’t deny that he could’ve plopped us up there within the hour and it’d probably be a worthwile experiment to see how it goes. But, we’re a small business on a tiny budget and can assure you that paying for such services is out of the question.

It’s about a year ago that I started the Butler Sheetmetal Ltd site and also the first time I’d ever touched one. I’d never touched a blog and I thought SEO and SERPS were something you had to attend when they stopped your welfare benefits.

I’m entirely self-taught and, although it might be a steep learning curve, t’internet isn’t that bad a place to learn about t’internet. I’m hardly saying that I’m now an expert, but I’ve certainly read those who are and applied their wisdom – sometimes well and sometimes not so well. I also understand there’s plenty still to learn and improve upon aswell as keep abreast of.

But, if I could go back a year knowing what I know now, the only thing I’d have done differently would be to have a blog from the off. It’s now the most crucial aspect of our web presence by a country mile.

It’s just a shame that it took so long to work it out.