This really intrigues me.

You see, when I check through my referrals to The Tinbasher, I find a couple a day coming here because they want to know more about building homemade aeroplanes.

A couple of weeks ago I also found two referrals from Boeing with the search term ‘how to bend sheet metal’, or words to a similar effect.

Will somebody please tell me what on earth is going on? There’s one thing in life that I’ve never gotten used to – flying. I’m also fairly sure that I’m not the only one who shares this apprehension.

However, although it doesn’t quite strike the fear of God into me that we have DIYers wanting to cobble flying tin cans together and Boeing possibly unsure as to how to, it does make me slightly more apprehensive.

So, in order to kill two birds with one stone (apologies for the turn of phrase) I’ll send you both over to Kent White, who calls himself The Tinman and is an expert metal worker. This particular article is entitled Aluminum Welding Using Oxy-Fuel Welding on Aircraft Aluminum Sheet.

Maybe that’ll clear a few things up for all interested parties.

The Plane, Boss. The Plane
One of Kent’s babies.

I don’t know whether this is purely an American thing, but I’ve never heard of anyone making their own plane, but it obviously happens and obviously they do it quite well.