I found my wife online.

I found my vocation in life online.

And so it only seems right that I trust the internet/blogdom to find me a suitable gaff.

Tinbasher Towers
We’re not after anything too ostentatious (front canopy optional)

Yes, Stephanie and myself are doing all the usual searches on Craigslist and Plugged in Cleveland etc., but it can’t hurt to run it up this particular flagpole to see who salutes.

AREA: We’re currently looking at Cleveland Heights and Lakewood. Ideally we’d like to be where there’s something going on. (Like The Grog Shop where we got to see Kasabian for under a tenner.)

ACCOMMODATION: Preferably a house or a duplex but we aren’t averse to living in a small apartment block either. We don’t need anymore than two bedrooms (y’know, just in case anybody ever sees fit to come and visit). The second bedroom could also double as an office for me. Some kind of office space is essential. We also need a living room big enough to plonk our 50″ telly.

PRICE: $500 – $700 per month. It’d be really super if heat and water were included and uber super if there was a high speed internet connection thrown in for good measure.

Maybe ou have advice on a better area or know of a landlord/someone wanting to rent something out that might be right up our street.

If so, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments or via the contact form: