Here we go.

How about making your very own solar oven? This site gives you the complete lowdown from conception to completion of this little outdoor sausage sizzler.

Solar Oven

All you need is the following:

28-gauge galvanized iron (or aluminum) – 16 square feet
No. 6, 3/8-inch sheet metal screws – approximately 24
2-inch fiber glass insulation – 12 square feet.
Double strength window glass – 22 x 24 inches
Drawer pulls – 3
Flat black paint – 1 spray can
2-inch roofing nails – six
Sealer strip – eight feet
Aluminum sheet .025 by 22 by 24 inches – four pieces
Hinges (see text)
Galvenized wire, app. 10 feet

And also to follow these instructions.

I don’t want anybody in the UK to be put off trying to make one of these. Nor should the £10 price tag for one of those disposable BBq’s from B&Q be a deterrent either.