Is there a metalworker alive that hasn’t cut their tinbashing teeth on Meccano when they were a pup? Or, a tinbasher that hasn’t lived vicariously through their pups by slipping a Meccano set into a stocking one Christmas?

In true tinbashing style you’ve got the drawings, pre-cut and pre-drilled holes, nuts, bolts and other miscellaneous fasteners as well as your own set of tools. With a little bit of encouragement and endeavour you should be able to capture their imagination long enough until they reach an age to read more complex drawings, manage to cut, bend and form their own parts and have a steady enough hand to weld and finish in a big boy’s Meccano shop.

Of course, if you don’t manage to impress the imagination with Meccano metalworking 101, the only true vocational path left is that of the Ikea flat-pack in-store assembly associate.

But, we wouldn’t want the thought of your future pension stock plummeting due to a lack of Meccano interest. Not when your little thrapple could be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed over fastidiously fastening their very own Dalek together rather than you choking on a little lump of sick after an acid reflux episode.

Meccano Dalek

You can purchase the 1965 Meccano Magazine that it first appeared in here.

And there’s no reason to let interest wane – especially if you take your time looking round the Mecanno webring – as you and your kinder can join the International Society of Meccanomen and maybe win a Golden Spanner for outstanding services to Meccano.