I’m awfully fond of the idea of a Doomsday Ark:

IF civilisation is wiped out on Earth, salvation may come from space. Plans are being drawn up for a “Doomsday ark” on the moon containing the essentials of life and civilisation, to be activated in the event of earth being devastated by a giant asteroid or nuclear war.

Construction of a lunar information bank, discussed at a conference in Strasbourg last month, would provide survivors on Earth with a remote-access toolkit to rebuild the human race.

A basic version of the ark would contain hard discs holding information such as DNA sequences and instructions for metal smelting or planting crops. It would be buried in a vault just under the lunar surface and transmitters would send the data to heavily protected receivers on earth. If no receivers survived, the ark would continue transmitting the information until new ones could be built.

You’ve also got to be quite keen on the idea that should we be wiped out, we’d not only learn the important stuff such as splicing our DNA with cockroaches and how to set up an allotment, but making sure we can still make things out of metal.

However, I’ve always been one for believing that prevention is infinitely better than the cure; and I’m especially worried about the dregs of mankind struggling to build new receivers because they didn’t have the sufficient smelting knowledge as the ark was falling on deaf ears.

Thankfully, The Tinbasher is at hand to help educate anybody in the ways of smelting prior to any unforeseen cataclysmic event.

Of course you could read the metal smelting page on Wikipedia, but you know that’s not hard core DIY info.

DIY metal smelting
Build a similar metal smelting furnace.

You need something far more survivalist, and we obviously have it in the above charcoal powered metal casting furnace. (You’ll have to scroll down the page.)

After an asteroid hit or nuclear devastation there’ll be more charcoal than you can shake a stick at, so fuel for your smelt furnace shouldn’t be a problem.

So, for the sake of humanity – read and inwardly digest.

*Next week: How to arc weld your way through Armageddon.