Here’s an exhibition stand we recently fabricated components of for Axess 2, who specialise in platform lifts for most purposes you can think of. The following pictures (which I think Axess took) show their entire stand from various angles while they where down at the NEC in Birmingham.

I’ve been told the Butler Sheetmetal guys were responsible for the flooring, the glass posts and the signage.

axess lifts exhibition nec
Floor leading to platform lift.

stainless steel counter & sign
Exhibition stand interior with shiny logo.

axcess exhibition stand
Back of the stand.

axess lifts stand
Full frontal of Axess exhibition stand.

exibition stand fabrication
Somebody enjoying a ride in a lift.

So, to avoid any confusion, if you’re looking for a custom lift get in touch with Axess in Clitheroe; and if you’re looking for an exhibition stand, have a word with us down the other end of the A59.

I know how easily confused some of you people can get. ;)