While you shouldn’t really be visiting this blog on a Friday evening when spring has sprung and the nights are getting longer, I just want to let you know that there’ll be a server upgrade going on. There’s also no reason for me to tell you this as no disruption in the slightest is expected other than the possibility of an email or two going AWOL and being left on the old server.

So, if you can keep your thoughts to yourself and resist the urge to comment I won’t have to go checking my Webmail, will I?

Apparently, it’s getting upgraded to a brand new Dell 2950 consisting of:

– Dual Quad-Core Xeon CPUs
– 8Gb RAM
– 6x146Gb 15K SCSI drives in RAID 5
– PHP 5 / MySQL 5

I’m also in the process of upgrading /redesigning our whole site and ideally wanted to get that done for next week’s trip up to New York as I’m speaking at Search Engine Strategies again.

Same crap, different venue.

Have a lovely weekend, won’t you. ;-)