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HMS Invincible E-Disposed Of

Posted on 25, Feb

So, I’m sat there in my Mother’s new kitchen / dining / wildlife gawping area at her new house in Trawden – yes, of course it’s walking distance from my sister’s house – when I received an email from Deborah down at Butler Sheetmetal Towers that a guy from the BBC had been in touch wanting a quote about the impending scrapping and dismantling of the HMS Invincible – that’s a journalistic quote rather than for the job itself.

Just a couple of things:

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Come on. It’s not as if it isn’t an accident waiting to happen is it?

The idea of erecting large metal (or any kind of material if we’re being honest) sculptures in the middle of busy roundabouts surely isn’t the best one your local council planning meeting has had of a Monday evening?

Is it not better to circumnavigate the roundabout with your attention fully on the road and upcoming exit or is gawping at some metal clad human figure while doing a 30 mph circle preferable?

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e FBI are a suitable force in the crime against telecommunications infrastructure in the USA. In fact, there’s that much copper being stolen at such an astronomical cost to the Telcos that one of them, AT&T, is offering $3,000 for information leading to them being accosted.

We’ve all heard of the church lead thieves and manhole cover pilferers, but apparently 7,000 customers and a couple of schools were left without landline service after a three day copper binge in Atlanta last week.

A cell phone tower also was temporarily knocked out. AT&T saw 11 thefts in a week in one location, including an incredible eight in one morning. Damage to telephone lines exceeded $500 in each case. Georgia law makes that a felony, punishable by jail time and fines, the AJC report states.

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Imagine the whole world watching you stand around doing diddly squat on the taxpayer’s dollar. Well, that’s basically what NASA have done by inviting us all into the lab to watch them build the new Mars Rover.

It’s almost a step down from watching the council. At least when the council are laying pipes / relaying roads there’s one chap working and everybody else discussing how it should be done with a brew in hand.

Is it any wonder they’re all dressed in laboratory burqhas with barely enough room to squint through. I’d be ashamed to stand around too if I was doing as little as this lot as well.

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Don’t be thinking you’re stupid if you thought Liquidmetal was, in fact, a liquid metal. Far from it. It’s actually an amorphous, non-crystalline alloy that is over two and a half times stronger than titanium and one and a half times stronger than stainless steel. You can see how it rolls (or, to be more […]

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