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Where do I know you from?

Posted on 6, Dec

I’m forever balking at celebrities moaning about the constant cross they have to bear commonly referred to as being recognised. Well so it was this morning as I made myself a brew at Butler Sheetmetal HQ and some chap who was going through a job with Jasper broke off from his conservation with the sullen […]

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The Shame of Ahika Flame

Posted on 1, Dec

Ahika Flame make gel burners similar to the one pictured below: Michael Luther got in touch with us originally to produce the stainless steel ring at the top of the burner. After a couple of these orders he asked if we could also produce a lid with a little handle for when the burner wasn’t […]

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Designer Stainless Steel Grill

Posted on 30, Nov

Far be it from me to burden you with my ailments, but my slight lack of activity this week has been due to me feeling a little dicky. Apparently I’m a bit ‘sensitive’ to the antibiotics they gave me to clear up my non-lady lump. And besides, I’m a bloke and, as a bloke, that […]

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To say I haven’t a clue as to how I wangled my way into 2005: Blogged would be a bit of a porky. Obviously Tim Worstall, the editor of the book, had heard of The Tinbasher via Harry’s Place and decided to doff his cap at business blogs by saluting this grand old dame. Which […]

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We got these pictures sent ot us of a pair of elongated bespoke stainless steel planters we fabricated for the Sheraton Hotel down at Heathrow Airport. Here they are at either side of the foyer as you walk in. Here’s one of them from the front. Here’s one from an angle. (Although I’m sure you […]

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Blogger’s Bollock

Posted on 22, Nov

For a Tuesday, today has been slightly odd. This morning I was woken at around eight by the guy next door playing Back For Good by Take That on his banjo. I didn’t even realise he had a banjo. But, to give him his credit it wasn’t a bad effort. This isn’t the worst thing […]

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As far as negotiating your way to Butler Sheetmetal goes, this morning was as treacherous as you could get – black ice, freezing fog and a Monday morning head-mist do not a successful combination make. And that was sufficiently evident as I started to drift sideways down one particular side road at a rather jaunty […]

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