Hands up those of you who used to dick about with their mates down some version of a ‘wreck’?

Hands up those of you who used to do it on bikes?

And hands up those of you who built ramps to jump over stuff?

If I’m counting correctly – and I rarely do – I make that to be most of you. Thing is, all we got for our troubles was a broken stem, a grazed knee (or worse) and a clip round the ear for being filthy and shredding a new pair of jeans.

After all, the torn Wrangler look sported by the likes of George Michael and Kurt Cobain, depending on your musical bent, was still a dim and distant future.

But, you have to admit that it would’ve been pretty cool to carve a career out of dicking about on a bike and getting on telly for it.

Danny Macaskill‘s derring do should obviously not be tried at home – I mean, how are you supposed to gain enough speed to jump over your living room sofa?

The following video also gets brownie points for being shot in an old Ironworks yard in Scotland. The desolation alone will undoubtedly make Jasper homesick.


Seriously, next time I go back I’m dusting off my old BMX and tear-arsing around Butler Sheetmetal HQ performing ‘stunts’.