I only tend to pop into BSM HQ once in a while these days. In certain respects this is a blessing and in others not so for all concerned. But, from a personal perspective, the winter months can be awfully cruel in that place.

Bearing this in mind, imagine my slight surprise seeing the not-as-new-as-he-was lad, Craig, sporting a pair of shorts not too long ago.

It was partly odd, but nothing too ridiculous.

Now Craig is quite a bonny lad. Although, if you were to put it into the context of everybody else at Butler Sheetmetal then that’s not too difficult. If the Elephant Man waltzed in he’d probably lend his bag to anybody on the premises and feel less inclined to spiral into unontrollable bouts of self-loathing over his appearance.

What did set the alarm bells ringing was when I popped in on Friday to see Craig with a new haircut. It wasn’t just any old haircut, but one I hadn’t seen nor heard of since Budapest became the epicentre of Europe’s gaydar circa 1996.

Obviously Craig has got hold of the wrong end of the stick after one of John’s power management meetings on a Friday over a bag of chips talking about touting for more business.

Although, if I pop in this afternoon and see any of this going on…..

Hello Sailor
Hello Sailor – Craig touts for business.

……we might have to take more of a cut.