If it wasn’t for Jackie Danicki at the Big Blog Company I really don’t think I would’ve bothered getting this blog up and running again. I was checking the rankings of our various sites and noticed that The Tinbasher had a little mention on the Times Online business section. For some strange reason she’d cited us as a business blog example. (Maybe it was an example of how not to do a busness blog – who knows!). Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a glowing review or anything; blink and you could easily miss it, but it was still a mention.

The entire “blogosphere” is split into thousands of self-sustaining universes focused on particular areas from venture capital (try Fred Wilson’s – to sheet metal manufacture (Tinbasher – .

This spurred me into action with the same gut feeling you have when you know you’re expecting visitors and frantically start hoovering. (Obviously my feminine side took over and had a flight/response moment.) Anyway, it now looks a little tidier even if I still have the odd shelf to put up.

Back to the other BBC. The Big Blog Company is a business blog consultancy with some of the most experienced and successful bloggers on the web at its helm. Not only can they provide you with a full business blog solution, but their site is an exceptional resource in its own right. If you need to know what a blog can do for your business you’d be well advised to take a look round their site. Before long you’ll be bamboozling your production manager with rants about blogging being the new PR and how blogging killed it.

Just try your best not to be too David Brent about it.