There I was in a state of pre-Christmas wind-down (I have no idea what excuse I have for the rest of the year) and I thought I’d do something festive in a sheet metal stylee. It didn’t take me long to punch the words ‘stanless steel christmas‘ into Google and it didn’t take too long for Google to reciprocate with the following.

Imagine my unbridled giddiness as I eagerly clicked on the above Ebay link to catch a glimpse of a 1940’s Stainless Steel Christmas Tree.

Stainless Steel Christmas Tree My Arse

Should I really have been that surprised to find out it was n’owt but a bit of silver tinsel. The bastards.

Silver Tinsel Tree Close-up

Don’t get me wrong, it looks as if it’s in splendid condition, but that’s not the point.

Stainless Aluminium Christmas Tree Box

Even the bloody box describes it as stainless aluminium (or aluminum as the septics like to call it – lazy, illiterate buffoons).

I would’ve bought it had it been kosher. I’m hardly being a cheapskate by claiming I could do something similar with a few wire coat hangers and a raid of the cut-price christmas section at my local Drugmart.

My Christmas is ruined.