Come on. It’s not as if it isn’t an accident waiting to happen is it?

The idea of erecting large metal (or any kind of material if we’re being honest) sculptures in the middle of busy roundabouts surely isn’t the best one your local council planning meeting has had of a Monday evening?

Is it not better to circumnavigate the roundabout with your attention fully on the road and upcoming exit or is gawping at some metal clad human figure while doing a 30 mph circle preferable?

Running off the side of the road and ending up in a ditch or pranging / cutting up another driver would be the type of accident you’d expect of a rubbernecker, but plowing straight through the hedge shielding the edge of the center of the roundabout and mowing down the the sculpture you’ve been looking at seems a tad bizarre.

metal sculpture andy scott crash

Andy Scott Galvanized Metal Sculpture Crash Scene

But here’s the explanation from the BBC website:

A giant sculpture of a striding man by public artist Andy Scott has been knocked over in a car accident.

The 4m (13ft) structure, installed at Muirside roundabout, Tullibody, in Clackmannanshire, is one of five pieces in the county by the artist.

It is understood a car crashed into the statue, which sits outside the village police station, at about 2110 GMT on Saturday.

Central Scotland Police said they were investigating the incident.

The sculpture – also known as the Man in Motion – is made of welded steel mosaic and has the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle as a backdrop.

Brian Smith, a college lecturer who lives near the sculpture, said the impact of the crash must have been considerable.

He said: “Whoever crashed into it has made a fair mess.

“It looks like they’ve driven into one of the statue’s legs and brought down abut five or six tonnes of metal.

“I don’t know if it quite stopped them but it certainly slowed them down.”

Mr Smith said the erection of the piece in 2008 split the local community.

He added: “It’s quite an arresting sight when you see it lying there. I have heard from a few people that they never liked it, although I doubt they would prefer it looking like this.”

Sounds like they were sick of looking at it. Bit out of order though.