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Water is mankind’s most precious resource. Stainless steel is an ideal material to handle this element of life. Let us take you on a guided tour of the applications of stainless steel in a water context. No, it’s not some eco-friendly recycling website run by a Wiltshire collective, it’s actually the International Stainless Steel Forum. […]

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Soup Can Mouse Trap….???

Posted on 14, Oct

Got a problem with rodents in your factory? Don’t want to spend money on pest control services? Well thank your lucky stars for Roy Wilson over at Sheet Metal Web News. He’s devised an ingenius solution involving a soup can and some rubber bands – a 10oz soup can mind. To be fair he’s also […]

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Steel Milestones.

Posted on 12, Oct

According to the Iron and Steel Statistics Bureau, 2004 should see the following milestones reached for the steel industry. World crude steel production set to exceed one billion tonnes for first time ever. World trade in steel products* set to reach 250 million tonnes in 2004 – an all-time record. Chinese crude steel production set […]

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I like The Stainless Steel Information Centre site because it’s informative and well designed. It goes into enough depth to be useful for those who work with stainless steel but isn’t so technical as to be completely inpenetrable to the casual user. It has a host of tips, FAQs and all manner of information relating […]

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Posted on 8, Oct

When I first went scouring the internet for sheet metal related sites and such for linking purposes, I was hardly overwhelmed by a UK presence for sheet metal workers. In general it’s our American cousins who rule the roost. (Nothing new there then). The Tinbasher website was just meant to be a directory for anyone […]

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An interesting little online magazine for the sheet metal fabrication industry is The Precision Sheet Metal Chronicle. It’s written by Steve Benson and is published on a monthly basis. Every month The Precision Sheet Metal Chronicle looks at a different aspect of sheet metal fabrication. This month he takes a look ‘Inside the Laser.’

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