Well I had it and got rid of it. I got it again and it simply wouldn’t work. Now I’ve got it for keeps and actually need it, I can’t use it.

I’ve got back on the Skype bandwagon after several dubious attempts to do so. I always had problems with my hardware not quite being up to scratch. I mean – I was hardly going to buy myself a spanking new bit of computer kit just before I was due to leave the country.

Previously though, I’d only downloaded it for social reasons. Now I’ve downloaded it because I was contacted by Neville Hobson to join him and Shel Holtz in one of their podcast sessions which they’ve recently started.

I’m really rather looking forward to it. However, I’ve dropped a bit of a bollock by not bringing my headset over. I fully appreciate they don’t cost a fortune, but that’s not the point. Best laid plans and all that.

So basically, you won’t be able to Skype me until I get myself a headset, or USB phone if I’m feeling particularly swanky. I’m also not exactly sure of the date of the podcast, as it hasn’t been finalised as yet, but Neville did mention to me that he’d get in touch after the New Year.

I promise I’ll keep you posted. But, if you’re after a fantastic way to chat to other people over the internet for free, check out Skype. (It’s a bit more than just that, so go and find out for yourself.)