It’s obvious that you build yourself a Web presence to improve your business. A lot of people also think it’s obvious to build a presence to drag that business in from a manner of weird and wonderful places. A global or countrywide reach is all fine and dandy doodle, but consolidating an area you already have your mucky paws on also makes a bit of sense.

We still don’t have a sales team, or do anything other than word of mouth and the internet. Well why fix what ain’t broke, or more importantly, doesn’t cost that much?

But I still find it kinda cool that the biggest paying job we’ve had thus far online came from a company just across the road in Colne. Boundary Mill, situated right next to Asda in Colne, were moving just across the road as they’d more than outgrown their existing premises and had built a brand spanking new set.

Apparently, all the needed was a full set of stainless steel planters to look nice and shiny on their restaurant balcony looking out over Pendle Hill. As you may have gathered by now, there’s little chance you’re going to drive up and down Burnley Road and passing Butler Sheetmetal HQ thinking there’s a blossoming planter operation going on.

They had been doing their homework online – like any reasonable business should in this day and age – to find somebody in the UK who could fabricate them some stainless steel planters. I’ve no idea if they found us though this site or through Tinpot Alley, but either way, it didn’t take them too long to work out that we’d be fairly cheap on the old delivery front. We could just get Jasper to handball them down the road if needs be.

I suppose the point is that they came across us online and thought we might be worth contacting before they found out walking round would’ve been as quick as firing off an email. And that cheers me up no end.

Anyway, less gassing and more pictures:

Large circular custom stainless steel planter
Large circular stainless steel planter.

CUstom long rectangular stainless steel planter
Custom rectangular stainless steel planter

bespoke stainless steel planters
Planters with nice balcony view.

I’ve got a load more planter pictures that I’ll be putting up onto flickr once they’ve swept up.