When I was little I used to get dragged along to all manner of railway exhibitions, train meet and greets as well as spots.

Yeah, I’ve been on the footplate of The Flying Scotsman, The Mallard and Stephenson’s Rocket as well as having a train set circumnavigating the loft.

It’s the sort of nerdtastic nonsense geeks used to do before CB and computers. Or so I’ve heard. While a wet October Saturday at Skipton station with your Dad buying you half a shandy and a cheese and onion butty on the turn at the age of eight might seem like a fond memory, I still shudder when presented by naked cheese wrapped in bread.

But, if there’s one thing I’d really love to do it’s trot off round the Rockies, or see Yellowstone in one of those stainless steel Zephyr trains. To boldly go where no other tram has gone before.

As if it wouldn’t be a rather decent way of seeing some of the finer, more secluded parts of the world (well, America. California, to be precise!).
view from Zephyr railcar in CA

But, if you’ve really got a thing for stainless steel railcars, there just so happens to be a pdf from Euro Inox on that very topic:

Railcars in Stainless Steel – A Sustainable Solution for Sustainable Public Transport


- What makes stainless steel a sustainable material?
– Decades of experience in railcars
– Why stainless steel?
– Which stainless steel?
– Stainless steel in operation
– Case study 1: Let’s Tango
– Case study 2: Next generation Underground in Hamburg
– Case study 3: Stainless steel-containing trams serves Alicante Coastline
– Case study 4: Japan Rail satisfied with stainless steel for over 50 years

You can download it for nothing from here.