Stamping Out a Living

I’m glad Steve at Steelstrip World found this blog as I’ve been struggling to locate it for ages since I came across it.

I’ll link to it because it’s obviously related to all things sheet metal and steel and a company blog to boot, but it isn’t without a caveat or three.

I’m not a fan of simply regurgitating news in blogs. Copy and pasting whole articles is even worse. Blogs aren’t newsfeeds with comments enabled. This type of information is extremely easy to get hold of anywhere.

However, I do see a tiny bit more comment on the articles and that’s what I’d like to encourage a little more. If I’m being honest, I’d like to encourage it a helluva lot more.

This is how I started The Tinbasher originally. It was news regurgitation with a bit of comment thrown in.

It was a criminal waste of everybody’s time.