This is quite simply the best thing that’s happened since I’ve started this blog. It means infinitely more to me than winning awards, being asked to speak at some shindig, or whatever.

You know how I mentioned Steelstrip Resources the other day and how I felt the site could do with a blog?

Well he’s only gone and started one. And here’s why:

I had heard of Blogs, but never understood what they were and the discovery of the Tinbasher’s blog was a revelation to me. Anyway the net result was that I decided to use this medium as a convenient way to publish my thoughts on aspects of our industry as the days go by, and hopefully invite comment. Anyway, since it was raised by Paul on the tinbasher’s site, I will pick up on the points he raised regarding the cost attached to access to information in our industry.

I don’t know whether he’ll be home at the moment as he’s just popped out to Asda becasue it’s snowing. But please go over and offer him your encouragement. He’s writing from a much more industry specific angle than myself, but his first post oozes character and personality. I think he’s gonna be just fine.

Welcome to the fray, Klay and I sincerely hope you enjoy a long and prosperous stint in the blogosphere.