Well the nose is back to the grindstone, or perhaps the grinding wheel for want of a more apt (albeit cheesy) analogy. And I have to say it’s rather nice to be back. It’s always a giggle with the Butler brothers. It’s also always bloody freezing. Only this morning John told me to put my coat on. Like an idiot I asked if we were about to go out, only for him to retort, ‘No, I’m turning the heating off.’

And the good news is that we’ve been deluged with enquiries via our sites over the past month whilst I’ve been away. I always had every confidence that they could cope without me. The enquiries have been mostly telephone calls which are always a sign of a more serious enquiry. We like that round here.

Now this is no mere coincidence. At the beginning of January the blog received its first bit of pagerank which, in turn, has led to an increase in keyword rankings for all our company sites and the terms people are putting into their searches. And this is an example of a direct effect of utilising a company blog. Would you rather improve your ranking and you potential reach by buying a few high PR links for a few grand, or start a blog for free?

I know this might sound like a spot of crowing, but I’m crowing about the medium and not necessarily my own personal ability regarding the medium. Anybody who starts a company blog should be able to see this kind of effect. It’s no secret and it’s not rocket science. It’s also a damn site less boring than the drudgery known as a reciprocal linking campaign.

Byron Alvey put it very simply at the recent business blog summit:

You blog, other blogs link to your blog, you link back, and Google loves that.

And so does everybody else round here.

Cap Doff: David St. Lawrence, Ripples