I like The Stainless Steel Information Centre site because it’s informative and well designed. It goes into enough depth to be useful for those who work with stainless steel but isn’t so technical as to be completely inpenetrable to the casual user.

It has a host of tips, FAQs and all manner of information relating to stainless steel aimed primarily at the North American market. One particularly nice touch is a stainless steel finish comparison chart to enable you to see various finishes side by side.

Not to be outdone, The Tinbasher brings you its very own stainless steel finish comparison chart at no expense to itself. (You’ve no idea how long it took to make it look remotely acceptable). Anyway, never say we don’t give you anything.

View the Tinbasher stainless steel finishes chart here.

But I suggest you go take a look at the SSINA version here.