Bloody expensive, that’s what.

But besides me stating the obvious, this pdf is well worth downloading if you’re asking or have been asked about what stainless steel is.

And if you are fully conversant in all its ferritic properties and whatnot, it’s worth it to take a look at the pictures of gummi bears on different types of stainless steel sheets.

The official communication:

To give a concise overview of the most common stainless steel options, a compact 6-page folder has been produced, entitled:

What Is Stainless Steel?

Target audiences:
– Designers
– Fabricators
– Stockholder

– What is stainless steel?
—- Main families
—- Main properties
—- Commonly available finishes and process routes
– How are austenitic grades interrelated?
– What are the ferritic options?
– And how about Duplex?

Download or get a printed copy here and enjoy.