I’ve been toying with the idea of whether to link to the new GM blog about its smallblock engine for a couple of days. It’s obviously related to sheet metal in some way and it also poses as an example of a slightly different business blog. I should gladly link to it in all fairness.

However, I don’t see it as much more than an advertising/fan blog to be honest. Does it actually serve any other purpose than to advertise itself and do a spot of PR? I fully understand that this is an important and crucial aspect to certain corporate blogs, but will they actually link elsewhere or even incorporate some form of blogroll?

I may be well off the mark, and I’m more than willing to be set straight, but I regard this type of blog as ‘blog-lite’. For me, it’s the same irritation you get when Eastenders claims Walford Town to be a major footballing force when everybody knows most folk in Walford would support West Ham. It’s so firmly encapsulated in its own bubble it fails to see the real picture. But, if it works and people enjoy it, who on earth am I to point the finger. I know perfectly well that I advertise various products and services on The Tinbasher.

However, I also see The Tinbasher as a sheet metal hub and stainless steel design hub where readers can learn information from other sources. I’m also trying to cultivate a voice and style for the blog which some of you may enjoy and some of you may find irritating. I don’t see this in the smallblock blog at all. Granted, it’s a relatively new venture and they may not have got round to it as yet. But, I think I’m being rather charitable. I also accept I’ve never known the pleasure that is the smallblock engine.

Anyway, you take a look and decide for yourselves. Then come back and tell me how wrong I am!

(Hat Tip:tBBC)