Nothing says Happy Birthday quite like a quickly rustled together blog post.

Happy Birthday, John.

Apparently he’s forty whatever and I don’t doubt he’ll be celebrating by getting his lanky backside whooped by Dean at squash Friday night and then having some kind of birthday tea on Sunday with my Grandma having to toil all weekend over her meringues.

She’ll be 90 this year, y’know. It really is time my sister learned how to make the damn things. But, considering her answer to doing anything in the kitchen is to turn the oven up to its highest setting thinking things will cook slightly faster, then it’s probably best my Grandma sticks to getting up at 5am.

Besides all these chronological milestones, we’ve also got Butler Sheetmetal turning ten this year. It really is a decade since they roped me in to scrape my knuckles raw taking Victorian-era plaster off walls for nothing and I’m still doing the metaphorical equivalent writing this blooming blog.

I know, ’tis a hard knock life.

But, when you’ve built not only a business over ten years, but also had a hand in the revamping of your premises, it’s understandable if there’s a bit of emotional attachment to a place. Saying that, it’s still something of a hell hole. Perhaps it’s a certain emotional attachment that’s kept the original sign up outside the place for the past ten years:

Front of Butler Sheetmetal with ice cream van

Then again, it’s probably them just being tight.

Whether they move to their new place that’s almost finished, or whether they get chance to expand further into the bowels of former foundry hell and rent the new place to somebody will depend purely on what makes most business sense. Obviously.

Bert and Ernie Muppets
Mono-browed Muppets.