Things to Come - x-planes

How can you not love this collection of aircraft old, new, conceptual and fictional?

But if you thought that was a fairly entertaining use of aeronautical social media usage, you haven’t had the pleasure of of being exposed to Lockheed Martin’s open source proprietary social media tool.

And if we’re being perfectly honest, neither have I. But, it’s explained as:

Lockheed Martin has been developing proprietary social media technology to facilitate interaction between employees to create and share secure content using blogs and wikis. As a result, Lockheed Martin has become a leader of this technology in the aerospace and defense industry.

“Lockheed Martin has placed an emphasis on social media adoption by finding innovative ways to integrate a social dimension into our existing process and tools while reducing total cost of ownership,” says Linda Gooden, Executive Vice President for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Services business area. “We are excited to now share our investment back to the open source community to help other organizations meet their knowledge sharing challenges.”

The proprietary social media tool that will be released under an open source license enables employees to consume, share, and discuss information from internal and external sources.

This tool provides a personalized experience for employees and enhances their ability to track and share information in an increasingly virtual work environment. Lockheed Martin will release the source code under an open source license and will allow interested parties to download, modify, and contribute to the open source project.

Now whether it’s supposed to be used as a tool to help develop crowd-sourced fighter aircraft or a missile defense social network, I’ve no idea. But, I can just imagine the fun you could have throwing virtual smart bombs at each other as opposed to lame pesky pokes like you can on Facebook.

If only I knew where you could download it.